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We are back with the first WCW [Wanderer’s Crush Wednesday] of 2016:┬áMARIAELA “Bohemian jewelry, modern hippie chunky rings, boho chic bracelets, unique necklaces with natural stones, full of positive energy.” Say no more! If you know me, you know I … Continued

weekend playlist: 7.17

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Weekend Playlists are back! I can’t even imagine what you have been listening to since I haven’t been around to guide you to great music. But no need to worry about that anymore. I have been jamming to this playlist … Continued

DIY: Jewelry Display

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I have been on the hunt for a new way to store my jewelry. I wanted something that wouldn’t take up too much space. So, last week I headed out to Givits “Thrift & Recycle” with my mom(Lj as I … Continued

WCW: Simka Sol

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As Cold Stone Creamery says: Like It Love it Gotta Have it… or i will f*cking die! …OK maybe I added the last part. BUT as you will soon come to find out I love cats [obsessed – borderline crazy … Continued

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